As the parent of a 30-something with a “pre-existing condition”, I am embarrassed at the riches this country has and yet some in power have no interest in supporting good health in people like my daughter. Does she have a condition that requires constant care? Nope just careful monitoring by her, and annual visits to a specialist. She is too old for our policy and was denied coverage of her own at every turn. I exaggerate; there was one insurance company that did offer her a policy… at what was almost equal to her entire paycheck. This is an American who has worked since she was 14, certainly not a drain on society. She is the face of this issue.

She once had an expensive diagnostic test & rather than allow her to make payments based on her income, the hospital sent a sheriff with a summons for court. After thousands of $ in doctor shuffling, tests, and 17 daily rx’s, turns out she needs no meds and should see 1 doc annually. Where is the cost sensitivity in that?

We as a nation spend money on the most ridiculous things but allowing for the health of our people is tantamount to a government takeover? Free market forces cannot be used to direct this particular issue as long as health insurance lobbies own the issue. Huge admin spending, cherry-picking enrollees and lobbying to keep these spending patterns in place will forever disenfranchise people in lower-income brackets.

Insurance premiums have gone up annually, covered services down, and policies cancelled long before the ACA went in to effect. And free market insurance did not control costs. We have belonged to a fed
‘exchange” for years. We look at our options annually; decide what we can afford and what we need covered based on our history. The ACA is identical. You can pay $x for X coverage. It does mandate what every provider says are minimums standards of care so now your insurance provider can’t say, “Sorry we aren’t paying for that check-up”.

Employers dropping plans isn’t the fault of the ACA. Blame lies with the insurer and the company. Basic standards of care should be in every policy and employers who drop coverage are choosing to do so on their own, not because the ACA said they should. Companies can shop around and keep coverage just like the rest of us. Insurance companies are simply trying to get people to buy more expensive plans and are using the ACA as cover.

The constant noise against the ACA simply feeds the greed of insurance companies who have long been the arbiters of care in the US.

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