What’s Your Superpower?

At happy hour tonight, a “Group of 4” gathered for a recap of the week with topics, in typical fashion, all over the map.  I love these women.  As we tangent talked, having no problem following the discussion, Maggie tried to get the attention of our server, to no avail.  She then announced to us that her superpower was invisibility; but she swore to us she would only use it for good.  Which then brought Susan to tell us ”there was a study that said men chose flying as their superpower and women chose invisibility”  Not sure if the only choices were flying and invisibility, but that got me thinking about the superpowers most people have.

As kids, we play at invisibility, as adults we may adopt it to retreat from center stage.  We dream as little kids about going to the moon and how easy it would be if we could just fly.  As adults we dream of flying just to get us away from it all.  As children we dream of the superpower strength to move that tree house to another tree, as adults we dream of strength to get through the day.

In reality, we all have a superpower, we just don’t recognize it.  Someone may be a fabulous parent and not recognize the superpower nature of that.  Others may feed the hungry and say it’s simply what they do.  Someone may call a friend everyday to make sure everything is OK and miss how that is the superpower of caring.

The world has become such a large place that everyday superpowers are lost in the mix.  I have mentioned before my friend Nancy, she has so many superpowers, I can’t name them all.  If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have made it through half the things in my life.  Her superpowers show themselves in a myriad of ways… as a wonderful parent, a caring and generous friend, a wicked sense of humor no matter how bad things may be, a caregiver extraordinaire, the list goes on. 

I hold her up as a person with superpowers because she encompasses so much of what is discounted today.  She doesn’t think she has superpowers but I swear, if I put on my special superpower glasses, she practically glows with power. 

Everyone has at least one superpower, some area of their life they excel at but view it as just something they do.  Volunteering for a soup kitchen, collecting funds for a family in need, giving those canned goods you will never eat to someone with nothing to eat, giving that person without transportation a ride, listening to someone who simply needs a chance to give voice to their feelings.

So recognize your superpower and know that you may think it is nothing at all but to someone else, it may be the lifeline that gets them through the day.

I’ll be selling superpower glasses very soon.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. sassyviv
    Sep 10, 2009 @ 01:56:32

    Love your blog, you fire-walker, you! When will we get to see THAT photo of you here, huh? You ask me, sweets, that’s one of your super powers! (that and the fact that you are gut-bustin’ funny!)

    ***You must have put the super-power vibe out into the universe; check out Suburban Turmoil’s blog on the subject!

    I am hoping that the library will send us the blog addresses for the other members of our workshop; it would be nice to keep up with everyone.

    Please check out my new blog when you get a chance (but a word to the wise: it’s R-rated (foul language, adult humor, overall vile 😉


    Blog ya later!


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